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What is a Music Hall without its cast? Answer: a Hall.

It is the people that make the Woodlanders – and a fine group it is too.

Woodlanders has a proud history of being a genuine ‘company’ product. By that I mean that no one person dominates proceedings, however talented they may be by comparison with the rest of us ordinary mortals. Since the earliest days, successive Producers have been careful to involve all the cast as much as possible, whether in ensemble production numbers for opening or closing, as a ‘chorus line’ or backing group, or as supporting characters in larger sketches.

Over the years numbers have varied from as few as 12 to over 20 in a single season. Each brings its problems – too few and everyone is racing to get changed between acts as they are back on stage in the blink of an eye; too many and the changing room gets clogged as we all struggle to get (un)dressed. Too few and we are asking people to dance/sing/act beyond their comfort zones, too many and we are hard pressed to ensure everyone gets an even chance and isn’t under (or over) used. Somewhere there is a ‘Goldilocks’ solution but we haven’t found it yet. So we make the best we can of the people we have. And what people!

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If you have any musical, theatrical, comical or terpsichorean talents - or even if you don’t - and you feel the urge to make a spectacle of yourself, whether as performer, writer, costumier or stage hand, then why not get in touch? We are always open to new faces as the old ones get noticeably older each year. Contact the Woodlanders’ Secretary Trudi Whittock on 01373 462745.