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So what is (are?) The Woodlanders?

We are a group of people who like to fundraise for local charities by making fools of ourselves on stage.

If you are interested in the long version – please read our ‘History’ pages. The short version is:
We started in 1977 as a fundraising concert on behalf of the East Woodlands Village Hall and St Katharine’s Church. Those pioneers must have done something right as we are still here over £100,000 later.

The show is an eclectic mix of elements which we call a Music Hall. Some may prefer ‘variety show’. Whichever view you take the show is the same – some music, some songs, some dances, some sketches, some jokes and perhaps a monologue. We have had solo musicians (very skilled), ventriloquists (very poor), mind readers (very dodgy), stand-up comics (very near the knuckle), dancers (very lithe) and Thelma (not very well). Each year we start with a blank sheet and an optimistic outlook. We write, choreograph, direct and perform the show ourselves drawing from as many sources as possible (plagiarism springs to mind) mixing classics and original material, and in a style and at a pace that ensures if any members of the audience don’t like a particular act, there will be another one along soon.

The group has a flexible membership (no, that does not refer to our dancing abilities) and is always open to new colleagues. Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you act? Tell jokes? Make costumes? Does any of that matter? Probably not. If you have an inkling to join us – get in touch (Trudi Whittock on 01373 462745). Rehearsals are generally Mondays and Thursdays from about June, with the show going live in October.